Our Mission

Practice Shields was founded to help physicians combat the Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic with Compliance, Accreditation, Protection, and Education. Practice Shields is dedicated to reducing the damage caused by the Prescription Drug Epidemic while assisting true medical professionals in protecting their license, their practices, and their reputations.

Our Country is currently in a Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic with casualties affecting all age groups, all professions, and all races. This Epidemic has caused Government Agencies, Legislatures, and Licensing Boards to crack down on the physicians that prescribe the controlled substances.

Many problem physicians have lost their licenses and their freedom for inappropriately prescribing these controlled substances. These bad physicians are the exception and comprise a very small percentage of our professional medical community.

Most members of our medical community are professionals with a big heart that practice medicine to help their patients. Unfortunately, their willingness to always help leaves them extremely vulnerable to drug seeking patients that use their prescribed controlled substances for non-medical purposes.

Ultimately, this situation drastically increases the risk for possible government intervention against the physician for inappropriate prescribing of controlled substances and negatively contributes to the Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic.

Practice Shields consists of talented professionals with extensive experience in Pain Medicine, Law Enforcement, Regulatory Matters, and Drug Divergence.

The Practice Shields team is standing by to use their experience to help shield your practice.

We want to help shield your practice