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PracticeShields staff is comprised of Experienced Leaders in their respected fields. We offer you a multi-faceted approach combining real world Law Enforcement Drug Experience, Medical Regulatory Experience, and Medical Specialty Expertise to show you how to best protect your practice, your company, your health network, and of course your livelihood.

Humam Akbik, MD

Humam Akbik, MD


Humam Akbik, MD

Dr. Humam Akbik has been practicing pain medicine for over 20 years. He is actively on national and international boards and committees, has recognized accomplishments, awards, and honors. He has been voted Top Pain Management Physician in Cincinnati every year since 2007. Dr. Akbik has been interviewed and published. He has been asked to speak at conferences all around the world, to share his knowledge and expertise in pain medicine. Dr. Akbik has been an expert witness for the DEA and other Federal and State Agencies.

Dr. Humam Akbik is board certified in pain medicine and anesthesiology. He is a fellow in Preventional Pain Medicine FIPP. He is a graduate of Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Woman's Hospital. He held multiple directorship positions at the University of Cincinnati, Veterans Healthcare Systems in Boston and Mercy Healthcare Systems in Cincinnati.

Practiceshields has a dedicated team of both State and Federal ex-regulatory investigators committed to protecting your practice and license